Workshop: K9 Nose Work Sampler


Length: 2 sessions, 50 minutes each
Cost: $85
Prerequisite: N/A – Dog should be at least 6 months of age
Total students: 5

Would your dog rather explore with his nose than take a walk? Are you looking for an activity and/or a sport that you and your dog can enjoy together? Have you heard about nose work but weren’t sure if it is for you?

In this two session workshop, you will be introduced to your dog’s amazing scent capabilities and begin to develop observation skills to read your dog’s body language. Your dog will have fun showing you his natural scenting abilities and get a great mental workout at the same time! Nose work helps build your dog’s confidence and focus, and best of all it is suited for any type of dog: shy, reactive, low-energy, and high-energy. Each dog works on the floor one at a time so we have lots of flexibility to set each dog up for success.

Your dog does not need any prior training to take any of our Nose Work classes or workshops. You will even hear the instructor say, “leave the obedience at the door!” In this workshop, your dog works and learns at his own pace, without any pressure from the handler. It is also an activity that is super easy to set up at home so you have a great activity you can engage your dog with any time you feel like it in your own home. Our K9 Nose Work classes are led by a Certified or Associate Nose Work Instructors. We are one of very few facilities in the area that offer K9 Nose Work® classes led by Certified Nose Work Instructors.

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