TTouch Class


Length: four 1.5 hour classes
Cost: $225
Prerequisite: N/A
Total students: 8

This 4-part class will teach you and your dog some of the many techniques and principles of Tellington TTouch®, an established bodywork method practiced worldwide. TTouch is known for improving behavior, performance, and well-being of dogs and horses (and even cats!). Each class will focus on one of the four elements of TTouch: special touches, wraps, movements, and equipment. With these simple tools and skills, we can release physical tension, to help our dogs relax and come into balance. Physical, mental, and emotional tension are all connected and affect attitude and behavior, for better or worse. TTouch work helps animals to become calm and confident, thinking instead of reactive, more focused instead of distracted—and also strengthens your bond!

Join us as Guest Practioner, Lisa Benshoff, offers both workshops and classes on TTouch. Lisa is a CPDT-KA in Easton MD, where she offers private training and behavior services through her business, Talbot TTouch llc. She came to positive training as a result of learning about dogs in the two-year Tellington TTouch program. She became certified in TTouch in 2011, and loves combining TTouch with clicker training.

Lisa grew up in Charlottesville Va., and graduated from the University of Virginia. She lived and worked in Washington DC for about 25 years, first as a paralegal and later as an editor at a legal newspaper. Her third career is her favorite, by far!

Volunteer work with dogs at one shelter on the Eastern Shore was followed by serving on the board of another shelter. She enjoys her continuing education almost as much as the work itself. She attends several conferences and workshops each year, as well as many webinars at home.

She and her husband have had two English bull terriers and two Labradoodles. A Goldendoodle puppy joined the family a few months ago.

Click here for more detail and description on the practice of TTouch

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