Social Manners I

Article number: 478

Length: 4 classes, 1 hour each
Cost: $190
Prerequisite: ages 6 months and older
Total students: 6

This class will offer a safe place for you to teach your dog good boundaries and how to develop self-discipline in a social setting, combined with improving your off-lead control over your dog in the face of distractions. We work on relationship building skills and how to solicit engagement and keep it going strong despite competing interests in the environment. Class starts with working on a solid recall, getting a retrieve and other important life skills within a social setting. You will learn vital skills necessary to keep your dog within your control even in more challenging situations, building up your skill-set one step at a time. We will show you how you can get your dog to understand playing with other dogs is a privilege he will earn after learning the basic conditions of your relationship together first. Please note that we require full and active participation by the handlers and all exercises will start on-leash with the intent to continue on to off leash in Social Manners II for those who are interested.

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