Puppy Manners


Length: 6 classes, 1 hour each
Cost: $255
Prerequisite: dogs ages 6 months or less as of the start date of class
Total students: 6

This class is tailored specifically to puppies to teach young dogs optimal socialization skills and basic manners. Emphasis is placed on building strong relationships and confidence in your puppy using positive reinforcement interactions with other puppies, people, and the environment. Puppies will learn to respond to their name, how to focus their attention on you, sit, down, and recalls. You will learn leash handling skills, and how to encourage your pup to greet people politely! We will also offer positive and encouraging exposure to novel sounds, visuals, items, grooming and handling, and incorporate trading into our conditioning exercises to build confidence in their ever-changing world as they develop and learn how to be more independent dogs.

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