People Reactive Class

Article number: 494

Length: 6 classes, 1 hour each
Cost: $255
Prerequisite: N/A
Total students: 6

This class is designed to help you create positive experiences with strangers. If you have a dog who is not comfortable meeting and greeting people on the street, is reactive to people passing by at a distance, does not do well when friends and family enters your house and/or have any other specific issues related to proximity to people this class is for you. The class will work on three main themes; (1) Teaching obedience cues to build a solid communication system between you and your dog and help you reinforce appropriate behavior around strangers, (2) Counter-conditioning and desensitization exercises to help the dog develop good feelings around strangers and (3) Problem-solving activities will be spaced out throughout the class to engage the dog cognitively and to encourage the dog to engage in activities that are fun while people are around. We will also discuss management strategies and have some time to address the specific challenges are facing in their lives with their dogs. This class requires that the students show a real commitment and are willing to work with their dogs outside of class. We request that all dogs who registered for this class is prepared to come with a minimum of two adults per dog. It can be the same person each class or vary from week to week. This way we will have a larger number of "new" people for each dog to work with during the six week class.

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