Nosework I

Article number: 787

Length: 6 classes, 1 hour each
Cost: $255
Prerequisite: N/A
Total students: 5

We often, inadvertently, discourage our dogs from using their noses during walks, play in the yard and at home. This class is designed to give dogs an outlet to use their most specialized sense – smell. Your dog will learn to rely on his nose and develop the drive to hunt for food. You will learn about your dog’s amazing scent capabilities and develop observation skills to read your dog’s body language. Because we work with dogs one at a time in this class, we welcome dogs who have taken Confidence Building or the Reactive Dog class. Nosework is a great way to build confidence in your dog and strengthen the human-dog relationship. Please note that classes are structured so that dogs work one at a time in the search area. To accomplish this and to allow you to observe the other dogs in class, it is helpful but not required to crate your dog during class.

Nosework is a great activity to do with your dog. All dogs love to use their noses and these classes will optimize your dog's natural scenting abilities. The dog will much appreciate it when you acknowledge and value this incredible skill your dog has. It is an exercise that is great to do with all dogs as it provides a great mental workout. It helps build a dog's confidence as well as the ability to focus. It is a class that welcomes any type of dog; shy, reactive, low-energy, high-energy. Since the exercises are conducted one dog at a time on the floor we have a lot of flexibility to set each dog up for success.

Your dog does not need to have had any prior training to take these classes. As a matter of fact you will hear the instructor say "leave the obedience at the door." This is all about the dog's ability to work and learn at his/her own pace without any pressure from the handler. It is also an activity that is super easy to set up at home so you have a great activity you can engage your dog with any time you feel like it within your own home environment.

Our K9 Nose Work classes are lead by a Certified Nose Work Instructor. This makes a big difference in how your dog is set up to succeed, one Nose Work level at a time. Click here to read more about the certification. We are one of only a few facilities in the area who has a Certified Nose Work Instructor.

Click here to learn more about K9 Nose Work and how Heidi began teaching.

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