Nosework 2/4 Combo

Article number: 502

Length: 6 classes, 1 hour each
Cost: $255
Prerequisite: K9 Nose Work ® I or III
Total students: 5

This class builds on Introduction to K9 Nose Work® I and III, strengthening your dog’s drive to hunt for food. You will improve your observation skills and team work with your dog, and expand the hunt for food into exterior and vehicle searches. The search areas will be the same for both levels of students, but we will continue to hide food or toys for the Nose Work II students, and will use birch hides for the Nose Work IV students. For this class it would be helpful if your dog can be crated or confined in a separate area away from you while observing the other dogs work, but it is not a requirement. Please note that classes are structured so that dogs work one at a time in the search area. To accomplish this and to allow you to observe the other dogs in class, it is helpful but not required to crate your dog during class.

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