Camp: Leash Manners at Daycare


This camp will focus on walking nicely on leash with less pulling and reducing reactivity to people, dogs, or moving objects.  We will work with your individual dog to encourage more interaction with you when out for a walk and help build self-confidence in your dog to reduce their fear and stress in the surrounding environment.

  • Behaviors: name recognition, focused attention while on leash, leash handling, desensitization and counter-conditioning exercises with people or dogs, and classical conditioning with sounds, sights, and handling.
  • 5 individual training sessions with dog and trainer. Each session the dog will receive a daily progress card with homework.
  • 1 private follow-up session once the camp concludes. A 30 minute consult scheduled with your trainer to review progress and transition the behaviors to you to continue working on at home.  This final session will take place via phone or online through Google Meet. 
  • A total of 3 hours with a trainer
  • $375 at daycare or $475 at home
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