Impulse Control II

Article number: 608

Length: 4 classes, 1 hour each
Cost: $225
Prerequisite: Impulse Control I, Level 2, or other basic obedience class.
Total students: 6

Now that you've worked on keeping your dog's self-control and response around distractions in Impulse Control I, it's time to take your dog to the next level. This class is tailored for dogs who have a good obedience foundation and are at an intermediate level, including Impulse Control I students. Your dog knows all the basic cues and has learned some self-control around mild distractions. The focus of this class is for the dog to learn to respond calmly and reliably to cues in the face of intermediate to more challenging distractions. The dogs will perform more detailed behaviors and in closer proximity to other dogs. The more you can channel exuberant behavior into calm and controlled responses the more you will be able to bring your dog with you to a variety of places without having to worry, allowing you to spend quality time with your dog and enrich the bond the two of you have together. It is also a great precursor to various dog sport activities you can do with your dog for fun.

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