Impulse Control I

Article number: 289

Length: 6 classes, 1 hour each
Cost: $255
Prerequisite: N/A
Total students: 6

This class is tailored specifically for dogs that need more structure and guidance on an everyday basis because they are maybe a bit out of control. It is a class for highly energetic dogs and dogs that can go from low to high arousal in a matter of seconds. It may be expressed by the dog charging the front door when hearing a visitor coming, a dog that plays a bit too rough when you engage him in an activity, a dog that pulls a lot on leash, jumps up on people and/or acts a bit out of control in more distracting environments, making it generally difficult to take the dog places. We will work on keeping the dog's attention and focus. We will work on a variety of impulse control exercises like stay, wait, and leave it. We will show you how you can teach a dog to turn off from a highly aroused state to a calm state on cue. We will incorporate socialization exercises to help the dog generalize calm behavior around a variety of distractions. We will also address appropriate ways to give these dogs enough physical and mental outlets for their energy in a contained and structured fashion. This class is ideal for any high energy dog and Bully breeds in particular. Please note this class is not suitable for dogs with high reactivity towards people or other dogs. If this describes your dog, contact the training school and we will discuss other more suitable class options.

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