City Walks

Article number: 286

Length: 4 classes, 1 hour each
Cost: $190
Prerequisite: Level 2
Total students: 5 (3 max during COVID)

This class is held in Clarendon or Shirlington. This class is for the dog that responds really well to basic obedience cues at home or in the classroom but could use more practice around everyday distractions. We will practice exercises to reinforce your dog's response to important cues like Watch Me, Touch, Settle, Leave It, and Loose Leash Walking in the face of distractions we happen to encounter like people, dogs, children, strollers, bicyclists, traffic, joggers, etc. This class is also a great way to continue socializing your dog to new surroundings and help them to feel comfortable with a variety of visual stimuli and sounds.

Click Here to find out if this is the right class for you? Or try our 2 session precursor workshop instead, Walk & Train.

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